About Us

Established in 20th January 1991, Patson Machine tools located in Vadodara, India. Patson Machine Tools is a small scale engineering unit engaged in manufacturing spares. Patson Machine Tools Company seriously believes in the manufacture of high quality and reliable machines capable of meeting customer's process and production demand. Satisfying customers by providing personalized service is Company's Motto.

Our Products

Various types of hydraulic cylinders manufactured by Patson Machine Tools are used in earthmoving machines, machine building applications, petrochemicals, marine applications, plastics, automobiles, dishes ends, etc. These Hydraulics cylinders are available in multistage(telescopic), single acting, double acting, tie rod, cushion at either or both the ends twin pistons etc. in dia ranging from 20 to 1000mm and stroke up to 5200mm with max pressure up to 350 bar. A wide variety of sealing are used as per the applications using PU seals, bronze filled Teflon, chevron, asbestos impregnated nitride seals, rod seals. The cylinders are either machined from imported own carbon, seamless tubes or steels casting duly ground and honed. Piston rod of EN-8 is ground and hard chrome plated. The mounting arrangements include clevis, rear and front flange, trunnion and spherical bearing devices.

Front Flange Mounting

Bottom Mounting

Heavy Duty Cylinder

Clavish Mounting